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Motivational Monday: Trivia Challenge

Written by Shannon KHappy Monday!

Here is a quick trivia game for you- give yourself a minute and see how many questions you can answer.

  1.  Who are the first three Canadian Prime Minister?
  2. Who was the first man on the moon?
  3. Who is the world’s richest person?
  4. Who is on the Canadian $100 bill?
  5. Who were the first Canadian Nobel Prize Laureate?
  6. Who won best actress in a leading role at the Oscars (2015)?
  7. Who won best actor in a leading role at the Oscars (2015)?
  8. Who is considered the father of microbiology?
  9. Who invented the mechanical movable type printer that started the Printing Revolution?
  10. Who is the longest serving American President?

Now check your answers at the bottom of the page. How many did you get right?

Reset the time and try this second round of trivia.

  1. Name your first three best friends?
  2. Who is the first teacher who inspired you to chase your dreams?
  3. Who continues to inspire you to make the most of everyday?
  4. Who can make you laugh until you cry?
  5. Who would you drop everything for if they needed help?
  6. Who would drop everything for you if you needed help?
  7. Who can you go months without seeing then when you see them it’s as though you haven’t been apart?
  8. Who was the first friend you made at the University of Guelph?
  9. Who knows how to cheer you up even on your grumpiest days?
  10. Who do you call when you just need to be listened to?

Much easier right? While the people in the first round of trivia accomplished important things and have had an impact on your life in some way or another, it’s the people highlighted in the second set of questions that really matter. They are the ones to look up to and be thankful for the role they have played in your life!

1. Sir John A Macdonald, Alexander Mackenzie, Sir John Abbott  2. Neil Armstrong 3. Bill Gates 4. Robert Borden 5. Frederick Banting and JJR Macleoad 6. Eddie Redmayne 7. Julianne Moore 8. Louis Pasteur 9. Johannes Gutenberg 10. Roosevelt


Motivational Monday: Riddle up!

Hey gryphons!

Here are some riddles to warm up your brain this Monday morning:


Q1: What has 13 hearts, but no other organs?

Q2: Why did the boy throw butter out the window?

Q3: Which month has 28 days?

Q4: What starts with a P, ends with an E, and has thousands of letters?

Q5: What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?


Scroll down for answer



A1: A deck of playing cards.

A2: He wanted to see the butterfly

A3: All of them, silly!

A4: The Post Office!

A5: Short!


Don’t Work for Praise, but Be Generous in Your Delivery of Praise

Written by Shannon K

We have all heard the phrase below:

Work for a cause not for applause. Live life to express not to impress.

Source: Pinterest

We often times reinforce to leaders that the recognition and applause given should not be the sole motivating factor. There should be a sense of passion, and drive behind what you are doing that the recognition is an after thought.

Despite this idea and concept of not working for praise, strong leaders know that praise and recognition can do wonders for the moral, team dynamic and overall team experience. No matter how minimal the recognition given is, it is never unappreciated.

As a leader you can sometimes get caught up in providing constructive criticism. We all have different strengths and talents. This diversity usually makes it easy to identify ways that you would have done things differently and potentially achieve a more desirable outcome (also known as the “next time maybe we could try….” feedback)


That being said there is still a role for recognition and praise in addition to constructive criticism. There is a fine line between providing others with a correct ratio of positive feedback and constructive criticism. A report published in the Harvard Business Review found that the ratio of positive to negative comments for the highest performing team was approximately 5.6! This means that for everyone one negative comment (whether that be constructive or not) there were six positive comments and recognition, which contributed to the productivity of the group.


How does this all relate back to our idea of everyday leadership and Whiteboard Wednesday project. One of the main reactions that we got when asking people to write on the whiteboard how they were a leader was usually a pause and a reply that was along the lines of “I have no idea….”. What was interesting was that when two friends were approached when the one was stumbling over what to write, the other was already listing off the potential items of how they see their friend as a leader.

She is a leader because she is always willing to listen

She is a leader because she is always willing got help out





Ultimately part of being a leader is being able to identify the good in others and most of us do it naturally, but it is the next step that is some times missing. Now that you have all these wonderful things you have identified about people, LET THEM KNOW! When someone is doing a good job, let them know. When someone has really been instrumental in accomplishing a certain task, recognize them for it. When someone has stepped out of their comfort zone to task and risk, recognize their efforts regardless of success or failure.


It is one thing to be aware of what others are doing well, but it’s another thing to have the guts to say it. To sum it up, don’t work for praise but be generous in your delivery of praise!

Collecting memories

Written by Shannon KAs many of the Gryphons enter the final stretch of their degree (the final 6 weeks) it can be a time where things might start getting a little sentimental.

Collect Moments Not Things

Source: Pinterest

Regardless of the number of times you move, whether or not you hold onto your notebooks filled with illegibly scribbled exam notes or your 4+ years worth of homecoming and OV t-shirts, the memories that you have made at this institution will stick with you for a lot longer.

With that being said, it’s the final countdown for the semester so go and make some memories!


Written by Remy



There is this newish thing around campus called GryphLife. It is an e-platform that launched last year with a lot of campus events and student organizations listed on it. So why am I writing about GryphLife on a leadership blog? Well GryphLife helps students to get involved. Ultimately, to be a leader you need to know what is happening, take steps to meet others, develop your skills, gain experience – and of course be passionate. Basically – you need to get involved!

GryphLife Logo

GryphLife Logo

There are so many different groups and training workshops and events on campus that you may not know about – but could if you check into GryphLife. It’s  pretty much a one stop shop to learn more about groups, events, track your outside of the classroom experience and more.

So, full disclosure here: at first I was hesitant to use the system. I had been getting to know the different clubs I was interested in via Facebook and their club pages and was already a member of some groups. What I like about GryphLife is that on each organization’s page their social media feeds are integrated. This makes staying up to date really easy.  Too many times I have wanted to join something but the contact info was out date, I couldn’t find it or I wasn’t able to attend clubs day in the UC.  Now I can search when I want to and find what I’m looking for.

As a student leader, and a general student, who likes to be involved that this platform isuser friendly. Often times now when I sign up for volunteering or workshops they have a registration form on GryphLife. I like that it is all on the same system and is more reliable than the old REG.( for any upper years that remember that platform.) On the events bulletin board on the homepage ofGryphLife it also highlights different workshops, events, and volunteering that I might not otherwise had known about. Myon campus involvement has actually increasedsince signing up and using it more regularly – like once a day.

GryphLife Screenshot

GryphLife Screenshot

A bit disclosure: I liked the system so much, I started working within Student Life on the GryphLife project.  As I get ready to graduate, I want to make sure it’s a great as it can be. To do this, we need every UofG student to have an active profile on it. 9000 of you have already joined – and it’s very simple. Sign on using your UofG central login at Once you have logged in update your profile and manage your interests so the system can recommend activities and events for you to attend. Then join the organizations that you are part of or are interested in. I am part of my college’s page, my majors page, and I also joined clubs that fit with my hobbies. Once all of that is done go to the homepage and check out some of the cool events happening on campus. It is as simple as that!

What I am trying to get across in this post is that we all need to come together to make it the best that it can be. GryphLife has so many benefits of membership and one of the great ones is that keeps tracks of your roles in groups and what workshops and events you attend. So take a quick study break and check it out. You will likely have to make an account at some point soon as most of your college government elections also happen on this platform. So why not now?We can’t just rely on seeing posters any more around campus to know what is happening. I say out with the old and in with the new…Hello GryphLife!



Celebrating the Greatness Around You!

Written by Shannon KDespite being only February it is incredible to see what has already been accomplished on campus both this semester and last. From conferences and events bringing students together from all across Canada to smaller function that make Guelphites feel included and a part of something bigger, there has been incredible efforts made to expand the university experience beyond the classroom.

Girl blowing a pile of confetti

I know there is still some time left in this semester but it is time ahead about who and how you would like to celebrate those amazing leaders in your life. One special way to do so is through recognition by nominating them for a Student Life Award. All information can be found here. Remember, no incredible efforts should go unrecognized!

Motivational Monday: Turn your walls into doors

Hey friends,Written by Poojitha

For today’s Motivational Monday we would like to share a ted talk by Nick Vujicic. Born without legs and arms, Nick continues to inspire various individuals all over the world with his story. Nick lives up to his ideals everyday as he appreciates things that he is blessed with rather than worry about what he doesn’t have.

Once you have finished watching the video, take a moment to reflect on how you perceive your life. Remember that it all depends on how you look at things, not what others believe it to be.

When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes. Source: Pinterest

When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes. Source: Pinterest