About the team

PPoojitha Kollurioojitha:

As a fourth year student majoring in Microbiology, Poojitha always looks for opportunities to engage and be involved in the community. Being in her third term, Poojitha joined LEAD Peer Helper Team to learn effective leadership skills, engage in different events and make a difference in the lives of others.

To her being a leader means taking responsibility, initiative and presenting quick decisions. Poojitha enjoys her time with LEAD because it gives her an opportunity to develop these skills while putting her creativity to work. Poojitha also loves to help out in the community and support others. On campus, she has been involved with places like Wellness Center and Guelph Center for Organic Farming.

While not busy with her research activities, Poojitha likes to sing, bake, watch TV or chat for hours with her friends and family.

Heather Jane


When she isn’t bedazzling things, watching Planet Earth, or grabbing a latte, Heather can be found at The Leadership Office reading up on (and Pinning about) leadership concepts. A 4th year student majoring in Zoology, Heather joined the LEAD team looking to interact with different types of people around the University, get involved, and learn more about what it means to be a leader on campus. A Princess and an Outdoor-enthusiast, she believes that the best way to learn is by playing. A listener by nature, Heather loves her time with LEAD because it gives her a chance to speak out and get creative.

To her, a truly great leader is not a person who can be seen and heard above everyone else, but someone who stands alongside and helps others to be their best.

‘I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ -Maya Angelou

(whiteboard leadership qualties for Remy)

(whiteboard leadership qualities for Remy)


Being engrossed in the community, be it campus, residence, Guelph, or the world; Remy strives to be engaged and make a difference.

She always has some pretty awesome stories that can make you laugh. She is very involved on campus through Ask Big Questions and United Way.

Remy truly believes in helping and supporting others and trying to encourage people to take on new challenges that can help them grow.

Shannon KShannon K:

Shannon King is in her 4th year of the Applied Human Nutrition program and her 5th semester with the LEAD Peer Helper Team.

Since arriving in Guelph, Shannon has done her best to immerse herself not only in the campus life but also in her community. She enjoys the work she gets to do with College of Social and Applied Human Sciences Student Alliance. Her past experiences in Guelph have been with Garden2Table and One2One program, that helps integrate those with developmental disabilities into recreation programs. When not keeping busy at school, Shannon loves playing and cuddling with her roommate’s yellow lab, Hamlet, a puppy from the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.

Shannon always tries to bring her enthusiasm and energy to whatever project the LEAD peer team takes on next.  She feels that leadership is a process, which is influenced by all who are involved in achieving a desired outcome. It takes flexibility from both the leaders and followers to reach the goal, and along the way is an opportunity for everyone to learn and develop.

Shannon T

As the staff person who has the pleasure of working with the Leadership Office crew, Shannon is usually in the background watching the LEAD peer team to make it all look easy.

Shannon’s super long work title is Leadership Education and Development Advisor.  Or LEAD Advisor in Student Life at the University of Guelph. She is first and foremost a learner, who gets to be an educator at the same time. It’s a pretty great gig. And when she’s not reading, writing, learning or teaching about things related to leadership she’s cooking, running, eating, traveling or reading…about other stuff.

For Shannon, leadership is about everyday behaviours and attitudes, people coming together to work towards a common goal, and the making of positive change in the world.


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