Motivational Monday: Trivia Challenge

Written by Shannon KHappy Monday!

Here is a quick trivia game for you- give yourself a minute and see how many questions you can answer.

  1.  Who are the first three Canadian Prime Minister?
  2. Who was the first man on the moon?
  3. Who is the world’s richest person?
  4. Who is on the Canadian $100 bill?
  5. Who were the first Canadian Nobel Prize Laureate?
  6. Who won best actress in a leading role at the Oscars (2015)?
  7. Who won best actor in a leading role at the Oscars (2015)?
  8. Who is considered the father of microbiology?
  9. Who invented the mechanical movable type printer that started the Printing Revolution?
  10. Who is the longest serving American President?

Now check your answers at the bottom of the page. How many did you get right?

Reset the time and try this second round of trivia.

  1. Name your first three best friends?
  2. Who is the first teacher who inspired you to chase your dreams?
  3. Who continues to inspire you to make the most of everyday?
  4. Who can make you laugh until you cry?
  5. Who would you drop everything for if they needed help?
  6. Who would drop everything for you if you needed help?
  7. Who can you go months without seeing then when you see them it’s as though you haven’t been apart?
  8. Who was the first friend you made at the University of Guelph?
  9. Who knows how to cheer you up even on your grumpiest days?
  10. Who do you call when you just need to be listened to?

Much easier right? While the people in the first round of trivia accomplished important things and have had an impact on your life in some way or another, it’s the people highlighted in the second set of questions that really matter. They are the ones to look up to and be thankful for the role they have played in your life!

1. Sir John A Macdonald, Alexander Mackenzie, Sir John Abbott  2. Neil Armstrong 3. Bill Gates 4. Robert Borden 5. Frederick Banting and JJR Macleoad 6. Eddie Redmayne 7. Julianne Moore 8. Louis Pasteur 9. Johannes Gutenberg 10. Roosevelt


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