Introducing Shannon (…the other Shannon)

Hello there! My name is Shannon (yes there are 2 Shannon’s in this group, confusion I know! ) and I’m currently in my 3rd year of the Applied Human Nutrition program and her 3rd semester with the LEAD Peer Helper Team.

Shannon K in front of the whiteboard

Shannon in front of a whiteboard with words describing her for example leader, laughter, hard working, supportive, and traveller.

Since arriving in Guelph, I’ve tried my best to immerse myself not only in the campus life but also in this my new community. Outside of class time, I loved the work I am currently doing with Garden2Table, which brings elementary aged students into the Guelph Center for Urban Organic Farming (GCUOF) on campus to harvest vegetables then we take them up to the kitchen to cook up a feast. I am also fortunate to be able to work with One2One, a program run through the City of Guelph that helps integrate those with developmental disabilities into recreation programs such as swimming and skating lessons. When I’m not running around campus, or Guelph for that matter, I love playing and cuddling with my roommate’s black lab, Zoodle, a puppy from the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.

Zoodle the Black Labrador puppy hanging out the library.

Zoodle the Black Labrador puppy hanging out the library.

I adore the work we do in the LEAD peer team as well the lovely ladies I get to work beside. I always try to bring all my enthusiasm and energy to whatever project we, the LEAD peer team, decide to take!

Some questions from my LEAD teammates:

1. If you could be an animal, which would it be and why?

I would love to be a shark! I love to swim and I think being able to see everything in the ocean would be pretty neat. Plus being top of the food chain would be interesting too.

2. What small act of kindness has impacted you?

One small act of kindness that has impacted me, and continues to impact me everyday in Guelph, is people holding the door open! It seems that no matter how far I am from the door someone always waits to hold it open, it definitely makes Guelph seem a little friendlier on a daily basis. In first year I remember telling all my friends how amazing Guelph was and how kind all the other students were. I remember telling them “you know when there is someone behind you but an awkward distance from the door so you don’t know if you should hold the door open or not? Well Guelph is a place where everyone will wait and hold it open for you!”

 3. What does community mean to you?

I think community is when people come together to work to create a better place to live. You might contribute to the development of a community by volunteering your time to a specific program, or just being present and developing relationships with other people in your community. A place with a strong sense of community is somewhere where you can walk around saying ‘hi’ to people because you know then, you feel safe and at home.

4. Favorite leadership quote?

Photo of a ship and the quote “A ship in port is safe but that’s not what ships are built for- Grace Murray Hopper”

Photo of a ship and the quote “A ship in port is safe but that’s not what ships are built for- Grace Murray Hopper”

I often times find myself thinking of this quote as I step into a new and sometimes uncomfortable situation!

5. What does leadership mean to you?

I believe that leadership is a process, which is influenced by all who are involved in achieving a desired outcome. It takes flexibility from both the leaders and followers to reach the goal, and along the way is an opportunity for all parties to learn and develop. On a personal level I think it means always putting my best foot forward for the benefit of the group and helping others do the same.


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